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About Us
Founded by Gene Iacono in 1979 as The Music Store, Gene had a mission - with the help of his music faculty and TMS managers, he wanted to transform a retail music store into a music education institution dedicated to the entire music learning experience, and over the last 35 years, he's done just that

About The Music Store and Studios Location
Originally located on Colima Road in Walnut, after transforming TMS into a true music education center, TMS moved its headquarters in 2010 a few blocks away to its current location on 785 Pinefalls Avenue, Walnut, CA, to provide the facilities necessary to continue this mission. TMS' facility is in a quiet and safe neighborhood in Walnut (now Diamond Bar), right next door to the Dellos Dance Studios, the largest dance studio in the area for more than 40 years now.

About The Music Store and Studios Facility
Besides the easy access to get into and out of our new location, you'll find specially-equipped private teaching studios with a comfortable lobby area for parents to relax while their child learns. And the facility boasts a dedicated Recital Studio, with video and sound technology, and a raised stage for music students to perform in front of live audiences. As a result, the original name changed to The Music Store and Studios to better embrace the entire music education experience that TMS now offers to music students, today.

Quick Facts About The Music Store and Studios

  • One-to-One Teaching Model has proven successful for students of all ages since 1979
  • Serving more than 10,000 students and counting - in fact, many went on to major universities, and some are now professionals in the music and recording industry
  • Employing hundreds of faculty over these years who studied in from major universities around the area, where our current faculty are experienced and award-winning
  • Producing hundreds of music awards with our students, from recital honors to superior ratings at regional high school instrumental competitions
  • Providing Instrument accessories, instrument repairs and music publications on-site and at your fingertips, and if we don't have it, we'll order for you

The Music Store, Diamond Bar California
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