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Music Lessons and Teaching Studios

The Music Store and Studios, or TMS as our students like to call us, is steeped in achievement - succeeding at goals that our students set for themselves, and our music teachers achieve with them. Once we understand the goal, we help students select the right instrument to learn, the right instrument to buy, and the right music lesson plan to learn from - fitting the plan to the student is key to their success; it will be custom-fit to them. We also specialize in singing lessons, where we'll help the student develop their voice, their sound and their singing future. And we give all students plenty of opportunities to perform in recitals held in our Recital Studio to build confidence and continue their growth.

Music Teachers and Music Lessons are the cornerstone of TMS

We offer the finest in quality music lessons from many different music instructors from many different backgrounds. These music instructors have graduated from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in Southern California. We offer music lessons at convenient weekday afternoons and evenings, or convenient Saturday hours.

The faculty have toured or performed in all-state festivals and concerts throughout the world, and are dedicated to the field of music. They are committed to passing this same dedication on to our students by providing quality one-on-one music instruction, recitals and competitions to help students grow and achieve their goals. Select the instrument of your choice and read about your current faculty to begin your music lesson journey with us...

Cody Weinmann-Director of Student Development, Piano lessons, Singing lessons, as well as Music Theory, and Music Composition
Katie Price-Violin lessons, including Viola, Cello, and Beginning Trumpet
Brian Glenn-Clarinet lessons, including Saxophone and Piano
Thomas Gathers-Piano lessons
Steve Owen-Guitar lessons, Piano lessons
John Urban-Clarinet lessons, including Bass Clarinet and String Bass
Gene Iacono-Drum lessons, Percussion lessons

Dedicated Teaching Studios with Observation Video

When you take a tour around our facility, you will find a dedication for music education. These teaching studios are specifically built and engineered to have a one-on-one session between the student and his or her teacher without interruptions. And in our comfortable teaching lobby, parents can relax as their child is taught by our award-winning teachers. This ensures that the parent gains confidence in the teaching environment for their student, and the student builds confidence to grow in their instrument.

Fully-Equipped Recital Studio

The Music Store and Studios is dedicated to showcasing recitals as opportunities for student growth and performance. With a raised performance stage anchored by a seven-foot Baldwin grand piano, students have a realistic performance environment from which to learn and grow their music performance skills.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available to buy for your child, family and friends. Depending on the number of music lessons purchased, discounts may apply. Just call TMS at (909) 598-1921 for more details.

The Music Store, Diamond Bar California
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